BOSSMODE is a game that is all boss fights. Team up with four other people to take down challenging bosses. Featuring networked multiplayer and weird cube physics, BOSSMODE aims to combine the best parts of WoW raiding and games like Shadow of the Colossus.

Volumetric Particle Shadows

Volumetric Particle Shadows is an asset for Unity that implements the technique described here. Particle shadow mapping allows particles to be shadowed by multiple light sources and reveals depth and form, allowing for realistic smoke, fog and cloud effects.

No Pineapple Left Behind

NPLB is a subversive school simulation game where you manage a Boston charter school in which a wizard has turned all the children into pineapples. NPLB is a collaboration between Pyromuffin and Subaltern Games.


Z0NE is a virtual reality game where the player flies a craft through a procedurally generated level. Your goal is to score as many points as possible before the time limit. You collect gems via a look-to-lock-on mechanism and a tractor beam. Each gem you collect increases your score multiplier and your craft's speed. Z0NE is inspired by games like Starfox, Descent and Geometry Wars. Z0NE is a collaboration between Pyromuffin and PixelRouter VR. Demo is available here.

Notable Releases

Shitty Fish

Shitty Fish is a gamejam made at the 2014 Boston VR Jam. The game is a sea snake simulation where the only control is head tracking. The player slithers their head to simulate the undulation of a snake's locomotion. When the player slithers a physical snake model is simulated to calculate the force on the player's snake body. Shitty Fish is built with the Valve VR plugin to utilize positional tracking on Valve's prototype head mounted displays. Shitty Fish works with both the Oculus Rift and Valve's prototype headsets, using Valve's cross platform SteamVR plugin. Download here.

Cube Death Prison

Cube Death Prison is a multiplayer twin-stick cube arena shooter, where the player controls a cube by applying torque. Cube Death Prison challenges up to four players to try and survive increasing waves of enemy cubes in an unforgiving polygon murder arena. Cube Death Prison was made in a week during a game-a-week-challenge. Download here.


2016 is a surreal multi-screen virtual reality/non-virtual reality perspective switching game. The player is tasked with eliminating all the ghosts in a labyrinth while avoiding guards. The catch is that guards are only visible on the external display, and the ghosts are only visible in virtual reality. The core mechanic is switching between which perspective you're viewing by putting on or taking off the VR headset. While wearing the VR headset, the game is played from the first person, and when viewed from an external display, the game is played in third person. Beyond this interesting mechanic, the game controls must be completely perspective agnostic, because the game has no indication of which perspective the player is experiencing. 2016 was made in three days during the 2014 Global Game Jam at Northeastern University. Global game jam link is here.


Pyrofluid is an open source grid-based real time fluid simulation for use with the Unity engine. It is a DirectCompute implementation of the popular stable fluids method. Pyrofluid also voxelizes scene geometry into the simulation domain so the simulation can interact with the game geometry. Repository is here.

Hyper Rave Cube

Hyper Rave Cube is a two player virtual reality motion controls ping-pong game. Made for use with the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra, each player attempts to block a speeding cube from entering their goal by controlling a paddle, actually moving their hands in 3D space with the hydra controller. The echobox acoustic propagation engine is used to visualize the music that is played during Hyper Rave Cube. Repository is here.


echobox is a GPGPU acoustic propagation  physics simulation and visualization for Unity. The propagation of sound waves in 3D space is calculated and visualized on the GPU, allowing for incredible visuals and potentially realistic audio based on the actual acoustics of the game environment. echobox voxelizes the scene geometry into the simulation domain in order to allow the game environment to interact with the simulation. echobox was made in three weeks during the 2013 Oculus/Indiecade VR jam.

A presentation going over the tech in echobox is here. The original VR jam is here.

On Hold

Bad Things Happen in Space

Bad Things Happen in Space is an unforgiving anti-cooperative multiplayer first person space survival game. The player is a crew member tasked with surviving and accomplishing their own secret goal while interacting with other players on a small space ship. Development on Bad Things Happen in Space is on indefinite hold due to some pretty hard game design problems, and also lack of time/money/manpower.

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