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Level Editors are Boring in Space

It's true! Writing a level editor isn't super fun. Burn down the level editor: The fire still works! Kinda. First, a quick update before we get on to the level editor. I am (not) secretly a fuel cell system controls programmer. Recently, a company I've previously contracted for contacted me to do some crazy-not-enough-time rapid fuel cells programming; and also you have to build the whole system by yourself because the other engineer is harvesting his crops (not a metaphor). In my efforts to quit my job and make video games, I have become a fuel cell system engineer. Oops . Luckily, it's only for the next week or two, so progress on Bad Things should be more exciting after that. Also, Unity 4.2 is officially out. Now I can talk about all the beta secrets! Err, well, I pretty much did that anyways. I am not the best with confidential information. I am slightly surprised they released with this version because some stuff is still broken (TC particle settings don

iamagamer game jam: Blood

I didn't actually do much development for Bad Things this week, instead I was focused on finishing up at Intel, and then there was the game jam this weekend. Along with two other people, I produced a game in 48 hours. The link to download it is here , though I'll probably put up a download on this blog on an 'other projects' page. Blood! The topic was "Strong female protagonist", and my first idea was to take the concept literally and make a game about a female body builder. After some discussion among my friends, I decided to pitch a game about bleeding. One person put their name on it (someone I knew already), then I put my name on it, and we got a third person. Luckily for us, none of us had ever done a game jam before, and I was the only one with game development experience. We settled on an action platformer where your blood is both your life and your ability to attack. Each weapon or sp

Surprise level editor!

Yes, the next thing I am going to be working on is the level editor. I didn't actually plan to do this for quite a while because it seems like a nice  but not essential  feature to have. For reasons I will make clear shortly, I need to build the level editor before I can continue. What is this garbage? Menus are the best showcase of my work. Wrenching animations I'm so sorry for the pun. What I really  wanted to work on after the procedural fracturing was repairing of the fracture sites. Hit the debris with a wrench until it's close to its non-fractured position, and then weld it into place. Here's a spiffy gif of the wrench animation: +1 for perfectly looping wrench Here is a video, but it's not the greatest. Everything is 100% broken at the moment; I guess that's what I get for building my game with the Unity betas. The video shows off some cool stuff, even if it looks horrible. There's the inverse kinematics on the hand placement