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Game A Week Challenge: Week One

If you follow my tweet or face machines then you probably already know that I am going to be embarking on a video game making challenge. If you haven't heard: I am going to be embarking on a video game making challenge! The goal is to make one game each week, from start to finish. Included in that are menus, win and loss conditions, assets, and game mechanics. The point is to become experienced with making all the parts of a game, which is something I have failed to do thus far. In fact, (with the exception of game jam games) I have failed to actually make anything someone can play from start to finish in the past year and half of this weird game dev experience. Btw, I'm still working on Seth's secret game, and Bad Things Happen in Space has been put on hold, but is not cancelled. When Bad Things reawaken, it might take a different shape, but I still have the dream of making a multiplayer-space-panic-intrigue-simulator. Also I applied for a Unity dev job somewhere in Bost

[REDACTED], Riftwars, and Bad Things

Tonight, I will discuss the status of the three projects I am currently working on: [REDACTED], Riftwars, and Bad Things Happen in Space. [OMITTED] This game is a [REDACTED] simulator with some interesting twists. I'm currently working on getting [BLEEP] to navigate the [NOPE] and do [BLEEPY] AI things, like wander around, avoid nearby [BLANK] and find [REMOVED] and sit down. For navigation, I'm currently using Unity's built in navmesh, but I've run into a few annoying limitations on how much it can be scripted... like you can't specify a certain set of obstacles for a certain agent, and you can't have an agent be something that's not a cylinder (not everything in the world is a cylinder, I know). So, I'm thinking about using Aron's A* project , because it seems to be much more configurable. Don't get me wrong, unity's navmesh is powerful and easy to use, but I'm not sure I can get it to do everything I'll need down the line.