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Super Hairpiece, Infinity Ward.

Hey bros and anti-bros, I've got some news. This might be the last post for a while. Or at least the last post that is video games related. More on that later, but first!
Super Hairpiece I made this game along with some friends at the PurpleMonkey Gamejam some time last month.

The game is about throwing a toupee on to a procedurally generated bald spot on a guys head. You should try it out. Here are the links: 64 bits 32 bits
It's also got a nifty screenshot mode so you can take hair-larious (im so sorry) pictures of your styled dude.

Woooo super hairpiece! What else?
That job thing I got a job at Infinity Ward, the guys who make some Calls of Duty (or is it Call of Duties?) making their video game programs work! That means I'm actually posting this right now from an apartment in Woodland Hills, CA. Yeah, I moved to the west coast. Sorry boston dudes! We had fun though, there's no way I could have gotten to where I am today without the filthybrutal Boston indie games sce…