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How to Simulate and Render Blobs

Hi everyone, It's blob time! This is a long one so buckle up. If you haven't been following along on my tweeter for the last month, I've been working on simulating and rendering blobs. Here's a dump of my progress (easily accessible from the hashtag #vectorboy64 ). I'll add some captions This first one is just me trying out position based dynamics and the constraint functions. PBD is a really cool way to simulate physics, and I'm really happy with how flexible it is and how easy it is to implement. I'm definitely going to use it for some other stuff in the future. position based dynamics with oscillating pressure and distance constraints #vectorboy64 (???) — Kelly Jelly rebs your zankage and distunks you. (@pyromuffin) January 9, 2019 I spent a really long time trying to figure out the gradients of some tricky vector math formulas. I have them mostly correct, but there are still spurious rotations like this in the