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I am bad at writing blog posts regularly.

It is clear that I am unable to ever actually write about anything that I say I will follow up on, and also that I am bad at writing blog posts regularly, and probably in general. Tonight, I will talk about the stuff I have been working on since the last blog post, and also things that I am doing. Network Code Yeah, I ended up going with an authority scheme as hinted in Glenn Fielder's post:  and his presentation on authority schemes here . The authority scheme specifies who acts as the sever for an object as they are interacting with it. This is incredibly not cheat resistant. Anyone will be able to pretend they own an object at any time and teleport around and I hope that my game doesn't become player vs player at any point because then it will be a real problem, or I'll have to switch to a different network architecture. Interpolation wise, I wrote up my own ~Hermite Spline Interpolation~ class, which

What is The BUTT?

Hi! Long time, no post. Sorry I'm bad. I've been doing a lot of stuff, ok? The game is coming along. You can check out some more up-to-date-ish stuff by following my tweeter. I post things on there sometimes. I know I always promise I'll write follow up posts about things, but TOO BAD. I mean, I still might write a follow up post for the networking stuff. It's really complicated. Butt that's not what I'm here to talk about right now. The Bad Update Things Thing The BUTT is now active. The BUTT is your gateway to secret Bad Things Things. Careful, hand-picked data will be transmitted to you at the appropriate intervals. Do you wish to sign up for the Ever Eventual Bad Things Alpha, now known as the Bad Things Happen in Space Network Accelerate Climax? By being one of the first 2,000 home-brothers to activate The BUTT, you will be enrolled  in my consideration for the Network Accelerate Climax. 2,000 is  optimistic , it's more like two-zero for the upper l