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The Oculus VR meetup

Today I am going to write about the Oculus VR meetup, my presentation, and the weird attention that echobox has been receiving lately. Last Saturday (November 2nd) was the Oculus VR meetup at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge. wtf is an echobox If you don't recall my posts from a while back, echobox (link to the demo on the downloads page) is my entry in Oculus VRjam. It was a project I made in 3 weeks specifically for use with the rift. It's an acoustic wave propagation simulation and visualization. It's a big pile of math and you can get a lot of the details in the presentation (also on the downloads page). I've gotten a lot of comments like, "oh it's so trippy," or "this should be in a club," or "I feel like I'm inside the sun." All that stuff is great, but I don't know how to sell trippy sun simulations to clubs.  Apparently, there is quite some interest in echobox. I've gotten some very positive re

VR Meetup downloads

This isn't going to be a long blog post, just putting information here for the people at the VR meetup. I gave a presentation on the 2nd of November, I'm pretty sure it was mostly over everyone's heads, but that's fine. I did end up meeting some super cool people at the afterparty thing, and I did get to speak with Palmer if ever-so-briefly. Anyways, here's the stuff. It's all going to be hosted on my google drive, so if the links go down, send me an email: echobox download: Hyper echobox repo: VR meetup presentation: Bad Things Happen in Space: panic build: and lastly, as a note, I will be doing fuel cell work for all of this week, proba