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Status Update: 2016 Edition

Yeah! ~2014~ My new year's resolution is the same as last year's: 1920x1080. What's Bad in 2015? Space, duh. Space is a bad place, don't go there. At least not if you can help it. In these last two weeks I have done things! Bad Things! I have spent the last two weeks refactoring the item system and getting basic network synchronization working. And I spent some time fixing Unity's terrible RPC thing. And I registered for nvidia's cool Registered Developer Network, and got access to some stuff (that I can't use yet). ITEM SYSTEM ENGAGE The item system now uses inheritance instead of interfaces (because interfaces can't have virtual methods, for some reason (I mean, otherwise it would just be multiple inheritance (what I really want are mixins )). So, now all things that are items inherit from some super Item class, which also has a custom inspector that shows all sorts of cool, context sensitive stuff based on what stuff you selected. The