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Indiecade and Oculus Rift vrjam

Hey! It's been two weeks since I've last posted an update and again, it's because I haven't actually done that much work on Bad Things. I've got some boring level editor stuff working, like saving the level using XML serialization, but loading it up isn't quite there yet. I'm still doing fuel cell work too, but that should be over this week. At any rate, I'm going to be working on the Oculus and Indiecade Rift vrjam thing!  Also: 1000 blog views! Party! That's a mouthful Yeah, but it's awesome. There's a bunch of prizes, and well, It'll be cool to make some cool stuff for the rift. My idea is to make a game about perspective. People don't usually get to see things at different scales; I think it will be cool to see things from an unusual perspective. Perhaps the scale of an insect will be interesting? There's Pikmin, but that's all I can think of. Also there's... Echolocation All you have to do is implement so