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Game A Week Challenge week 2: Riftwars Arena. Also PAX East.

So I didn't do a game last last week because of PAX East, which was crazy and I'll get to that in a moment. The game for this week is Riftwars Arena! Riftwars Arena is an online multiplayer 6 degrees of freedom deathmatch game. You fly around in your spaceship and shoot other dudes. You can fly down in the lower part to be near obstacles so that you're harder to hit. You can fly around upside down (what does that even mean?) and you can flip and roll and do all sorts of cool aerial maneuvers. You can probably tell that this is heavily inspired by  Descent , which is probably one of the best old games ever. How do I play this? Well, here's the thing. You can't.  wtf man? Ok, so I know that the whole point of the game a week thing is to make a game that people can play every week, but this time, James, the other half of PixelRouter VR (btw, I am the other other half now, and will be releasing all future collaborative titles with James under that


Here it is: This is my first game a week game! You should know, you'll probably need an 360 controller, or something that fakes your computer into thinking that your controller or keyboard is a 360 controller to play this. Also, it's probably only going to work at full screen at 1920x 1080 or higher, though you can test your luck with this. CUBE DEATH PRISON is a four player cooperative (or not) twin stick shooting game! Murder cubes in the CUBE DEATH PRISON. Collect microcubes to bolster your Numerical Cube Murder Indicator . Avoid cubes to sustain your cubelust! Circle strafe to morph your true einherjar form! CONTROLS: LEFT STICK TO APPLY TORQUE LONELY RIGHT STICK TO PERPETRATE CUBE VIOLENCE RIGHT TRIGGER TO CHARGE ADVANCED CUBE ARTILLERY LEFT TRIGGER TO EXTEND LASER APPENDAGE RIGHT SHOULDER TO CALCULATE GRAVITY LEFT SHOULDER TO UNCALCULATE UNGRAVITY START TO HA