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Bad Things Happen in Space: Panic Build

So it's done. I completed Rami's challenge... only 13 hours late. I don't really know what the conditions were for him to play my game or what I'd get or if anything  would happen at all if I completed it on time. I suppose that the main idea behind the challenge was to get me to   build a prototype at all - and it worked! Here's the link: I don't know what the bandwidth limits are like on google drive (cursory search indicates within the range of 600 mb/day), but if the link doesn't work, try again later. Or tell me, and if it gets to be too much of a problem, I'll host it somewhere else. I'll copy and paste the shitty instructions I wrote: controls: wasd to move shift to sprint left ctrl to crouch space to jump (though you can't jump very high without hitting your head) e to interact q to drop an item if you're holding one each tool has two modes o

Moving, VRJam, Bad Things, Rami's Challenge

Hey Everyone! I've been doing a lot of stuff over the last month. Let's start at the beginning. Moving to Boston Yeah, I did it. This place is cool, but expensive and what do people do with their cars? My room mates are the coolest dudes/ladydudes and they're actually probably even smarter than me. In fact, I am writing this blog post during sanctioned house writing practice . Otherwise, I would be furiously developing Bad Things for a reason I will reveal shortly. Oculus VRJam Yeah! I made a super sweet technology showcase thing for the Rift that apparently nobody cared about. I didn't place as a finalist, and my guess is because: 1) I didn't actually make a game (it's a music visualization experience). 2) some bugs. 3) needs a very high end gaming computer to run. If you have a Rift devkit you can try to download and play it here . Keep in mind that you'll need a super fast computer. It runs at 60 fps on my development machine