Road Map: Programming

Hi everyone, Here’s a first draft of the road map for Bad Things Happen in Space. This is my first attempt at collecting my thoughts into a roadmappy structure so it will be a little rough. Of course, everything is super subject to change and probably not going to resemble the final product. Part one includes an overview of programming tasks. Part two will have an overview of assets, and probably some other stuff. But first, LENS FLARES!

*Chorus of angels*

High Level Overview

or what I need to do to launch the kickstarter:

Mechanics programming (two/three months)
Design tools and first ship (one week)
Assets for alpha release (one month? maybe less)
Produce video (no idea, two weeks maybe?)

Kickstarter! (four to five months out?)

During that time, I will also need to find somewhere to live for August and also move to a storage container, and also also move out of a storage container into Boston some time in September, so these estimates are only relevant to Actual Time Spent Working on Game.

Programming Tasks

This section outlines what I definitely want to get done for alpha release, and is probably even less indicative of what the final game will include. Each subheading will include some stuff that I would consider to be in that section, and I will order each bullet from most done to least done.

Player mechanics (40% complete)
  • Moving (done) 
  • Damage / healing / dying (mostly done) 
  • Using stuff (sort of done) 
  • Reviving (currently broken) 
  • Combat (not started) 
  • Incompetence (not started) 
  • Perks (not started) 

Fire (80% complete)
  • Starting (done) 
  • Spreading (done) 
  • Extinguishing (mostly done) 
  • Damaging (mostly done) 
  • Appearance (needs some work) 

Oxygen system (70% complete)
  • Asphyxiation (done) 
  • Air Flow (mostly done) 
  • Appearance (GPU particle system is currently broken in Unity betas... sort of done) 

Item Mechanics (-10% complete???)
  • Undo permanent fire extinguisher (negative done) 
  • Item planning (started) 
  • Using items (started) 
  • Picking up, spawning, equipping items (not started) 
  • Individual item mechanics (maybe started) 

Ship mechanics (20% complete)
  • Procedural fracturing (in progress) 
  • Component damage (started) 
  • Hull damage/destruction (not started) 

Station mechanics (10% complete)
  • Station planning (started) 
  • General station infrastructure (barely started) 
  • Individual station mechanics (not started) 

Multiplayer (30% complete)
  • Basic synchronization (mostly done) 
  • Prediction/smoothing (not started) 
  • Connection management / assistance (not started) 

Interface, menu, options (10% complete)
  • Interface (started) 
  • Menus (not started) 
  • Options (not started) 

Rendering (70% complete)
  • Physical lighting (mostly done... some stupid stuff persists and needs fixing) 
  • Effects (started) 
  • Reflections (not started) 

Ship building tools (40% complete)
  • Air flow calculation and baking (mostly done) 
  • Ship component organization (mostly done) 
  • Layout tools (not started) 

Scenario stuff (5% complete)
  • Scenario planning (started) 
  • Scenario tools (not started) 
  • Scenario mechanics programming (not started) 

Peripheral Integration (40% complete)
  • Oculus Rift support (needs tuning)
  • Sixense Hydra support (needs a lot of tuning)

So, my intuition says that alpha release is at least 20% complete at this point, and note that not all tasks are weighted equally in time or importance. If you’d like, feel free to leave feedback (via comment or directly to, including stuff you think I’m missing or stuff you’d like to see.


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