VR Meetup downloads

This isn't going to be a long blog post, just putting information here for the people at the VR meetup. I gave a presentation on the 2nd of November, I'm pretty sure it was mostly over everyone's heads, but that's fine. I did end up meeting some super cool people at the afterparty thing, and I did get to speak with Palmer if ever-so-briefly. Anyways, here's the stuff. It's all going to be hosted on my google drive, so if the links go down, send me an email: kelly@pyromuffin.com

echobox download:

Hyper echobox repo:

VR meetup presentation:

Bad Things Happen in Space: panic build:

and lastly, as a note, I will be doing fuel cell work for all of this week, probably, so if there is no blog post, that is why. Also, I should probably put these links on a dedicated downloads page.


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