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Hi! I'm Kelly. I make video games. Well kind of. Maybe.

Anyways, I haven't posted in like a month now. I've been really busy with fuel cells. Making money! Yay! But that's not a really great reason to not write a blog post for a long time. There is also the fact that my laptop is currently employed 24/7 in mining bitcoins, so I can't really participate in community writing sessions anymore. I have to write these posts on my PC. It's a little annoying, but I will survive. Maybe.

Bad Things

So I'm just gonna come out and say it. I'm probably not going to be working on Bad Things Happen in Space for a while. I've gotten to a point in development that it seems to be a little bit too ambitious and not all the design elements are there and the mechanics aren't solid. When I went to Boston Postmortem and I heard Eitan from Firehose Games talk about what Indies need to do to survive, he said a lot of important things (many of which I am taking to heart) but what struck me most is that they all have passion for the games they're making. I have lost my passion to make Bad Things Happen in Space. I'm not saying I won't ever pick it back up and start working on it again, but there are several other, smaller projects that I'd like to work on and maybe get something actually finished.

So, what else?

Here's a couple things. There's Magenta! The kitten eating ghost, I mentioned that before. I'm pretty deep into a fluid mechanics GPGPU simulation thingy (in the same vein as echobox), which I think I might want to adapt for Magenta! and other projects. I'm meeting with Seth Alter of Subaltern Games this Thursday (12/5/2103) to talk about maybe working on his next project. And I've got other ideas for things, too. Vorift, a first person eating simulator in the Rift, several QWOP style control-in-great-detail games, a pikmin like game where you control bugs based on Skitter from worm, and finally a sort of Minecraft on a sphere.

A few of these are just interesting technology pieces I'd like to try and implement, but some of them might turn into actually fun games. Once I get the fluid dynamics simulation figured out, I'll like try my hand at the Spherecraft thing or create a demo-prototype thing for Magenta! I can feel the passion for those things burning deep in my passion glands. It does suck that I am going to be spending at least half of my time working on fuel cell stuff until the end of the year, so I won't get to work on those things as much as I'd like. Though, I do have this weird effect of actually being more productive when I have less time. I'm not quite sure how that works.

When I finish the fluid mechanics simulation, you can probably expect me to write a post about all the nitty gritty details. Or at least expect me to say I'll write up a post on it. Fluid simulation is a pretty intense topic, but also somewhat overlapping in a lot of ways with the acoustic propagation stuff I've been working on for echobox. The fluid mechanics is, in a sense, more general than the acoustic stuff because there have been so many more people working on it. You get to see all the other ways people have tried to doing real time simulations of physical phenomena. In a way, I feel more equipped to work on echobox now than I ever have before. Too bad.

Also, I suppose I should change the name of the blog? Maybe just Pyromuffin? Cool.


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