What is The BUTT?

Hi! Long time, no post. Sorry I'm bad. I've been doing a lot of stuff, ok? The game is coming along. You can check out some more up-to-date-ish stuff by following my tweeter. I post things on there sometimes. I know I always promise I'll write follow up posts about things, but TOO BAD. I mean, I still might write a follow up post for the networking stuff. It's really complicated. Butt that's not what I'm here to talk about right now.

The Bad Update Things Thing

The BUTT is now active. The BUTT is your gateway to secret Bad Things Things. Careful, hand-picked data will be transmitted to you at the appropriate intervals. Do you wish to sign up for the Ever Eventual Bad Things Alpha, now known as the Bad Things Happen in Space Network Accelerate Climax? By being one of the first 2,000 home-brothers to activate The BUTT, you will be enrolled in my consideration for the Network Accelerate Climax. 2,000 is optimistic, it's more like two-zero for the upper limit on how much my cloud demon can tolerate before toppling under the great mass of your collective internets. However, these are good problems to have.

How can I interface with The BUTT?

You can activate The BUTT by using your typomatic technotronic key-press-machine to insert your internet email address into The BUTT SUBSCRIPTION INTERFACE located on the right side, above all my stupid social media stuff.

Ok, ok, here's some Bad stuff to sate your unending hunger:

Aliens made my GUI

But at least they provided helpful instructions

Quantifiably superior to super ship 2,999,999

Laserkill is in trouble.


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