Game A Week Challenge: Week One

If you follow my tweet or face machines then you probably already know that I am going to be embarking on a video game making challenge. If you haven't heard: I am going to be embarking on a video game making challenge! The goal is to make one game each week, from start to finish. Included in that are menus, win and loss conditions, assets, and game mechanics. The point is to become experienced with making all the parts of a game, which is something I have failed to do thus far. In fact, (with the exception of game jam games) I have failed to actually make anything someone can play from start to finish in the past year and half of this weird game dev experience.

Btw, I'm still working on Seth's secret game, and Bad Things Happen in Space has been put on hold, but is not cancelled. When Bad Things reawaken, it might take a different shape, but I still have the dream of making a multiplayer-space-panic-intrigue-simulator. Also I applied for a Unity dev job somewhere in Boston, but who knows if that will actually happen.


Here it is! 24 hours a week, or four hours six times a week. At least. I expect I will probably exceed this.

Things that I will probably do

I will probably make all of these games in Unity. That's what I'm familiar with, that's what I feel most competent in. It may be interesting to later try to make a game in UE4, but that is not something I am going to do just yet.

I would like each game to be able to be played in VR and RR (regular reality).

Reusing assets, frameworks, tech is allowed. Reusing games is not. 

I'd like to put all these games on my wobsite with Unity webplayers.

I'd like to make all of these games open source (though, they might be missing proprietary plugins).

I would like to make all these games weird.


I plan to split the time into these buckets:

Game design and concept
Asset creation
Testing and release


Here is some stuff that's been floating around in my head. I will likely choose one of these ideas and begin working on it today!

QWIP: control your mouth in great detail. Try to say a word. Uses echobox for sound propagation and calculation.

Bad Things Happen in Plane: Flatland the video game.

Vlambeer game clone mashup! Super Nuclear Ridiculous Crate Fishing Thronerausers.

Intrigue: multiplayer sandbox where every player has a different goal.

Some game that makes fun of the fact that the way that most people interact with most things in video games is through killing.

Some kind of third person action clicker.

Puzzle game?


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