Global Game Jam: Friendship is Tragic

Greetings bros, antibros, and those not on the bro-spectrum.
I did that global game jam thing!

Check it out:

Aww yeah.

I did this game jam at Gamenest in SF, which is totally not even a little bit close to where I live in LA. It's only an 8 hour bus ride. That's fine for a weekend trip, right? Totes.

This is the best game jam I've done so far. Probably because it was the least ambitious, and therefore the most polished. Also, I suspect you won't be able to figure out how to play the game because there is no explanation, rules, or instructions! Fantastic!


Infinity Ward?

Yeah, it's a pretty sweet job. I'm doing my best not to lose my indie cred, but it's hard. In my secret activision-owned-indie-free-time, I'm working on some sick ghost video game stuff. Did someone say PIXEL ART? NO? too bad.

Rocks and floating platforms. Of course.


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